Our Story

Why ‘Best’ Bagel Co.?

Our business name is not just about striving to serve the ‘Best’ Bagels. It’s our company mission, vision and value statement all rolled into one.

Of course we want to offer the best bagels, but we also want the best coffee, service, experience, staff, ingredients, community and sustainability program around.

What does this actually mean and look like?
🥯 Bagels that are baked fresh daily using a long rise method (read: slow fermentation = kinder on your gut) & organic flour, filtered water, sourdough starter, sea salt, organic malt AND THAT’S IT.

🌱 Bagels filled with ingredients that are: organic, free range/grass fed, sustainably caught/farmed, local, and as fresh & natural as possible.

👩‍🍳 👨‍🍳 Staff that are paid at and above award rates (which on weekends is an almost 50% increase), who have open-ended training & development programs/courses in front of them, with the aim to grow their skills, as our company expands.

☕️ Serving @MeccaCoffee, that comes from single origin, smallholder & family-owned producers, including female operators - a rarity in the coffee world. (We'll do a whole post on how amazing the Mecca team & their mission is later!)

🥛 A selection of milks at the one price, where no one is charged extra for oat or soy, due to health, animal, environmental or taste reasons. (We currently don't offer Almond milk, as it's not the most enviro-friendly/sustainable option for our limited non-dairy fridge space)

🧃 t/a packing which is recycled, recyclable and compostable 👌🏽
Plus - separating all our rubbish into different waste streams - from 3 types of recycling, and all soft plastics (which yes, includes the gloves we put on to make each new bagel)

🧼 Cleaning and kitchen products from sustainable, compostable and/or socially conscious companies (like @thankyouaus, @zeroco.com.au, @noissueco)

Collaborating with Aussie chefs, restaurants and foodies each month on a SPECIAL bagel, which sees us donate 10% of sales (not just profit) to a charity/organisation of they choice

💡 Moving to @powershopaus, a renewable energy provider

🏛 Working with local councils to better our sustainability practices, and implementing those into our biz

💕Recommending @verve.super as our chosen Super Fund. Run by Women, for women, and investing in ethical companies, most of which...(you guessed it!) have women in leadership positions.

... What does this all mean for you?
A bagel and coffee that might be *just* a little bit more than what you're used to paying. But if you're doing good for people and the planet, is it worth it? We truly hope so. And we think it all tastes a helluva lot better too.
Thank you for supporting us, whether it's a one off purchase or twice daily since we've opened, we really appreciate you giving Best Bagel Co. a shot :)
Note: We're not experts. But we're learning more and more each day about how we can be more planet & people friendly, and we're trying our best to implement that into our business.

Best Bagel Co. #PuttingTheHoleInWholesome

(Oh, and the Reuben takes 10mins because we lovingly warm up each serving of grass fed wagyu pastrami, til the Swiss cheese is melting ‘just so’ over it🤌🏼... and sometimes this can take 10 mins 😊
We also take a lot of pride in ensuring schmears are thick, and spread right to the edges. Thanks for your patience while we make the best bagel for you.)