Filter on Rotation | Gachatha

Introducing : Gachatha

Nyeri, Kenya.  Sourced & Roasted by Mecca.

Category Bright & Juicy
Notes Raspberry & Black Tea
Process Washed


"It's our eleventh anniversary with this coffee and we are just as in love with its herbaceous and tea-like aromatics as the day we first met." - Mecca Coffee

It is very rare that a coffee producer manages to grow exceptional, best-in-class coffee every year. Coffee is a sensitive crop; volatile weather or malicious fungi assaults can easily cause dips in quality and yield. We've had the privilege to see over a decade of harvests and it still makes our 'Best Of' list, year after year.

Red volcanic soils bolster structure and acidity, and annual improvements at the Gachatha Factory mean this is one of the cleanest cups we've tasted to date.


Suitable for espresso and filter brewing. Best served black Enjoy within four weeks of roast date


Jan 2021